PokerDawgs Tampa Bay Charity Poker Tournaments
to benefit Special Olympics Florida and other charities.

Organization Supported: Fund Razors, Inc. and Special Olympics Florida

June 05, 2021                                                                

  1st Place: Kelly Bickford, $603/+3,500 chips
2nd Place: Martin Shapiro, $430/+2,500 chips
3rd Place: Victor McGregor, $250/+1,500 chips
4th Place: T.C. Thompson, $145/6,000 chips
5th Place: Fred Martini, $25 GC/5,750 bonus chips
6th place: Donna Gem
7th place: Alan Wallack
8th place: Bob Bado
9th place: John Costa
10th place: Lynda Wallack

2019 PokerDawgs Champion
Alan Wallack (left) receives bracelet from Bob Bado  (center) Runner-up Kelly Bickford (right). Thanks Rollin James Custom Jewelers for your continued support!!!!

2020 Champion

2020 PokerDawgs Champion
January 09, 2021
Ken Rogers Jr.  (far left) came in third, John McCarthy (left center) second. Barbara Munday (first place), receiving bracelet from Bob Bado (right), player and representative, which was made and donated by Rollin James Custom Jewelers.

11th Annual Tampa Police Charity Poker Tournament June 03, 2017
Leonard Wester, (center)
Dave Williams (right)
Larry Timmer, (left)
Alan Cross, (not pictured)


Tampa Police Charity Poker 2019 winner was
Ken Rogers, Jr. (center)
Laurel Harmon (left)
Mark Raynor (right) Due to COVID, 2020 & 2021 event was cancelled. 

Tournament of Champions qualifiers and chip count scheduled for January 11, 2020

Top 30 Qualifiers (2021)

Name: Starting Chips:
1. Kelly Bickford  9,500
2. Martin Shapiro  9,000
3. Laura Harmon  8,500
4. John Heathcote  8,500
5.   8,500
6.   8,500
7.    8,500
8. Rafael Serrano  7,500
9. Bob Bado  7,500
10.   7,500
11.   7,500
12.   7,500
13. Victor McGregor  7,250
14. Steve Durina  6,500
15.   6,500
16.   6,500
17.   6,500
18. Mark Raynor  6,000
19.  T.C. Thompson  6,000
20.   6,000
21.   6,000
22.    6,000
23. Fred Martini   5,750
24. Barbara Munday  5,750
25.    5,750
26.   5,750
27.    5,750
28. TBD  5,000
29. TBD  5,000
30. TBD  5,000

Congratulations to Kelly Bickford for winning June’s tournament. Martin was second and Victor was third. The top three finishers had already qualified, so we have three “wild card” positions available, if we go to 10 per table by January.

June was our best attended since the pandemic. We had 43 players planned, where 40 players actually played, with two re-entries. 

Bob Bado won $245 on the 50/50 and donated $45 back. Thank you Bob. Victor McGregor won the high hand for the second straight tournament. He had quad sevens. It was decided that the first person with four of a kind, will receive a $25 gift card. There were higher hands afterwards, but it makes it easier for me, so it will continue doing it this way. Most of the players expressed that this is how they want it.

It was decided to create a progressive royal flush high hand. One dollar per player will go into the pot. Remember, both hole cards have to play. $81.00 will carry over to August’s event. 

Welcome TC Thompson, Amelia Araiza, Kurt Tautenhan and Richard Acosta to Pokerdawgs. We had another 7 players returning from previous years, including Matt Graham who last played our first year of Pokerdawgs, in 2010.

Right now we have five tables available, totaling 45 players. I might be able to get a sixth table with two weeks notice. So please, if you are planning to attend, give me plenty of notice. Everyone knows last minute changes occur, and I will be happy to either refund your registration fee or applying to your next event. I just need an hour notice of cancellation. 

Our next event is August 7th. Hope to see you there. 

2021 Events:  August 7th, October 2nd, December 04th. The tournaments will begin at 5:00pm. The Tournament of Champions event will be Saturday, January 08, 2022.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact Larry Timmer at 813-245-1582.

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